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Maths Dojo – The Story

Garmaduro, the evil emperor of the dark world has attacked and burnt the village of Mathsmura… your home!

Your mission is to defeat your enemies by answering sums, work your way up to master blackbelt and repair the village buildings to use them as training dojos. Everyone is counting on you to save the village!

karate maths game

Run and fight, unlock the treasure chests, defend and attack to become a master in mental arithmetic.

Defeat your enemies by using punches, kicks and magical powers.

Rebuild and train in dojos to upgrade your powers, eat healthy food to get energy for your runs and use magic along the way.

Complete the objectives for extra rewards and new belts.

The ultimate fun AND educational math game!

The game’s arithmetic maths levels start from seven years old (or even younger) and go all the way to adult. The difficulty level of the sums in the game is based on the UK national curriculum’s suggested ability for each school year. Simply select your age in the game to start at the most appropriate level.

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